A violent Brexiteer

Last weekend the Brexit Party came to my hometown. It was a complete car crash. They made complete fools of themselves and I was lucky enough to capture the proceedings on video. Quite apart from being politically clueless, they even argued amongst themselves on camera before one spat the dummy and literally packed up the stall while the other refused to answer any more of my questions.

One of the interviewees, John Stanyer, the Brexit Party’s county-wide organiser, made a great show of his opposition to violence, including political violence. I was surprised to learn that during the referendum campaign, whilst manning a stall for UKIP, Stanyer had punched a 78 year old remainer unconscious.

Today I interviewed the victim and his wife, a lovely couple, both of whom have a degree of intelligence that would put Stanyer to shame. You can see the interview with Geoff and Jill below.

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