Blinded by Brexit

So the general election has finally been called.

The tories want to make it all about Brexit – they want to harness the disaffection they’ve created and redirect it in their own favour, just as they did in 2016 and 2017. Just as they did in 1982 when Thatcher took us to war in the Falklands, causing countless deaths but securing a patriotic fervour that saved her failing party and carried it to another election victory. 

The LibDems want to make it about Brexit because. Let’s face it – that’s the only election strategy they’ve got.

UKIP and the Brexit party want to make it about Brexit because they’ve nothing else to offer.

All these parties want to limit the scope of the debate but we know, we all understand that single issue politics don’t work when we’re choosing a government that will be responsible for a much wider range of issues than just Brexit

That’s why socialists like me, like the British Labour party will be talking about a much wider range of issues in the run up to the General election.

We’ll talk about soaring tory debt and the rape of our public services.

We’ll talk about the Labout party’s plan to restore funding to our NHS and turn back the damage of 9 years of tory and LibDem cuts

We’ll talk about rising inequality and the Labour plan to tackle homelessness, food and fuel poverty, unemployment and the travesty of zero-hours contracts.

We’ll talk about the right to education and Labour’s plans for a fair and equitable school system that benefits everyone, not just the rich.

Over the coming weeks we’ll raise awareness of the cruel tory plans for a punishing no deal Brexit and how Labour will work to protect working people and the disadvantaged, despite Boris’ plans to profit from our failing economy. A failure that he and his hedge fund backing mates are desperately trying to engineer for personal gain at our expense.

We’ll talk about how the right wing press has tried to con the British people and treat us like fools, with exaggerated nonsense and smears about Jeremy Corbyn plastered all over the front pages and even the TV news.

It’s time to get informed for the most important general election since 1948.

After the war the Labour government of Clement Atlee founded the NHS and the rest of the welfare state. For the first time in our history the essentials, the necessities of life, food, healthcare, money, adequate housing and the legal power to enforce rights were made available to everyone, not just the wealthy. At the time the tories opposed these national benefits and they have opposed them ever since.

At the time, Prime Minister Atlee made it clear that the NHS and the Welfare state would survive only so long as people are prepared to fight for them.

Well that fight is well and truly upon us.

A vote for any party other than Labour will be a vote to sell our precious, life-saving NHS to American profiteers.

A vote for any party other than labour will see the end of our welfare state with its pensions, invalidity benefit and unemployment.

It’s time to stop being so satisfied with media soundbytes and actually look at policies themselves.

Consider the reality – not just what the powerful news moguls want you to believe.

This election will set the UK down one of two roads, regardless of Brexit.

Whether we leave or remain another tory government will finally destroy our NHS, our Welfare state and the rights of our working people, our disabled, our unemployed and our kids.

Whether we leave or remain a Labour government will deploy its fully costed manifesto to restore the public services and livelihoods for ordinary people.

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