Happy not Brexit day!

I really should have known better. I’ve seen threats of violence from right wing keyboard warriors come and go before. They rarely amount to anything much more threatening than a raised eyebrow and a bit more fash cash invested in mutual consolation down the boozer. So when far right numpties started threatening riots and civil war I shouldn’t have been concerned. I’ve been here before.
But I’ve also been around flash rioting before – and it wasn’t pretty. That was back in the Thatcher era. I was living in a homeless hostel in Lincoln when everything went tits up all around the city centre. It just seemed to happen, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. I remember the riots of 2010 in London and Manchester, the lives lost and the damage done. I know what can happen when a tory government pisses people off too much.
So I woke up yesterday with some trepidation. But I needn’t have worried. It’s all good.

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