Corbyn’s Christmas challenge

Mia and Jade are just a couple of ordinary Northern women – but they have a dream. Not only that, they have a plan to go with it.

Like many others, these two Lancashire ladies were devastated when the news broke of a Tory majority last Friday. They knew all too well what that landslide result will mean for Britain’s most vulnerable people. 130,000 unnecessary deaths due to Tory policy already is hard to ignore, after all.

Like true Northeners the pair decided not to wallow in despair, despite the disaster that has befallen the nation. They decided to sort things out.

As Mia told me

“It’s time for the many to look out for the few!”

3 thoughts on “Corbyn’s Christmas challenge”

  1. Well done girls have been told our local food bank has enough for Christmas JC will be so proud so many people have donated and hopefully people less fortunate will have a good one and won’t be hungry this Christmas xx


  2. I volunteer for The RAFT FOUNDATION Rossendale.
    We all think your idea of forming this group is brilliant, and all our foodbanks will benefit,
    Thank you so much. We atr very grateful xxxx


  3. To the person who keeps posting ascerbic comments on this post (you know who you are)… I’m not at all interested in hosting a fight I can never know the truth of. I’m especially not interested in hosting a public fight to the detriment of such a good cause.

    My interest is in the fact that people are getting food and shelter who otherwise would not. I will not support you in trying to damage that community action no matter how much you think you’re in the right. Your attempt to undermine this work comes at a very high price which will not be paid by you, but by the most vulnerable in our society.

    That’s why I keep deleting your comments and why I will continue to do so. It’s also why I’m asking you to desist. All you can possibly achieve by this course of action is to reduce the good work currently being done as a result of Corbyn’s Christmas challenge. I don’t know the truth or otherwise of your claims but I do recognise the vitriol in your posting style and I have to wonder what might motivate you to actively try to undermine the help that’s being provided for those you profess to care about.
    Stop this ascerbic, mean-spirited nonsense, please.


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