Jenky’s native American name

Native Americans have some excellent names. ‘Running Bear’, ‘Sitting Bull’ and ‘Black Elk’ to name just three. Some names reflected the aspirations of parents and were given to children in their papooses. Others seemingly were given in adulthood and reflected some characteristic of the recipients personalities. These names might reflect physique, historical achievements or physical prowess. ‘Crazy horse’ might be an example of this latter type of name. It is this second type of name, the one based upon attributes that I now confer upon my MP, Mark Jenkinson. It’s loosely based upon the first names listed above, ‘Running Bear’ and ‘Sitting Bull’…

Mark Jenkinson_1

Running-away Bullshiter (RAB) MP, the member for Workington.

  • Why am I being so hard on this newly elected gobshite from my home town?
  • Why do I choose not to give the scheming little runt the benefit of the doubt?
  • What’s my reason for calling him a  coward and a bullshitter?

Because it’s the truth!

19530663_303.jpgEarly in January I posted an open letter to RAB MP in which I asked him a series of questions relating to his decision to abandon unaccompanied, vulnerable and traumatised children. I also Emailed him at his parliamentary Email address with exactly the same letter. I still haven’t received a response.

I did get an Email from his staff explaining that Jenky needed my postal address in order to respond as ‘we’ don’t respond by Email. I pointed out that the staffer was replying by Email already and that I really don’t trust RAB enough to give him my home address. I know far too much about him and the company he keeps to want him anywhere near my accommodation details.

The staffer responded that it’s to make sure I really am a constituent, citing parliamentary rules that seem to be broken extremely regularly so far as I can  tell. My response was that Jenky is well aware that I’m a constituent and has been since his UKIP days when I took him on about racism and nationalism. I sent links from ParliamentUK detailing how to write to MPs that are not your own so that argument didn’t wash either, truth to tell.

Contacting my MPI still didn’t get any reply to that letter. I just got blocked from commenting on RAB’s facebook page.


Not only is this poor excuse for  a member of parliament so callous that he would vote (twice) to abandon children fleeing war zones and torture but he doesn’t even have the intellect to come up with a good excuse for his cowardly refusal to acknowledge his inhumanity.

Yep, Running-away Bullshitter (‘RAB’ for short) seems like the perfect handle to me.

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