Repaid by nationalists

Gabs is from Scandinavia. She’s a ‘Scandiwegian’ as a friend of mine might say. She’s also a thoroughly good egg.

For several years now she’s lived in an ordinary English town, abided by the law of the land, paid her taxes (she’s a Ph.D. with a good income and a penchant for sharing) and built her life here. She’s well aware that her standard of living would be much higher in many other European countries where economic principles are fairer and even the very wealthy pay their fair share  but she likes it here. At least she used to.

Now she and her English husband are planning to relocate to France. That’ll be a real loss to this country in my opinion but I can’t criticise her or her man for wanting out.

Before she goes, Gabs spoke to me in a North-Western coffee shop. The interview is audio only and there’s a fair bit of background noise but what she has to say is worth hearing none the less.

The early part covers Gabs and her husband’s attempt to help a homeless man, even taking him into their own home for several months. The latter part is her account of the nationalist assault that she suffered, the several medical and surgical interventions she needed as a result and the abuse she and her husband have suffered since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

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