A little graph

If you’re one of those people who thinks Boris & co have handled Covid-19 well, have a look at this. Bear in mind that we’ve known about this for months, since well before we had our first cases here in UK. While the rest of the world, including Italy and even the World Health Organisation were telling us to prepare, Boris was advocating we just ‘take the hit’.

This Financial Times graph isn’t ‘real time’. It’s been adjusted to track each country’s progress since they reached 3 deaths per day. That means we’re all assessed on an equal footing – equal until you realise how much more warning the UK had than some other countries. Of course other countries did have a couple of distinct advantages…

Their health services hadn’t been crippled by 10 years of Tory underfunding. Our NHS went into this crisis with fewer beds than we had when the service began in 1948 due to conservative savagery. The tories opposed and argued against the creation of the NHS in the 1940s and they oppose it now, they just won’t admit it so openly in 2020.

Their political leaders didn’t see Covid-19 as an excuse to reduce the welfare bill by getting rid of their ‘useless eaters’.

In the 24 hours since this graph was produced the UK has overtaken even Italy. Do you still think Boris is handling things well?

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