Reap what you sow

Fancy helping the government out a bit?
How about a spot of back-breaking work for free?
Why not spend the late summer living the Brexit dream and bringing in he harvest, now that you’ve sent all the willing workers home? It’ll get you out of the house if nothing else.
Go on, you know you want to… after all… it’s what you voted Brexit for!

Update 15/4/2020: Having kicked out all the foreign born agricultural workers it seems that Brexiteers aren’t so keen to get Brexit done after all. Rather than seize the opportunity to get their hands dirty in the fields they decided their Blitz spirit would serve them better from inside the bunker.So now, having kicked them all out at great expense, Boris and co are, at great expense, flying Jane and Johnny Foreigner right back to the fields they drove them from in the first place.You couldn’t make it up!

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