Covid-19 and the spivs

During World War 2 resources were rationed, food and essential supplies were scarce and the black market – the trade in illegal goods was rife.

a1a1ef2840f1fd1beff7b0bec4c9cfd1--piccadilly-circus-black-marketLike parasites on the back of a troubled society criminal profiteers sourced desperately needed goods in a variety of illegal ways and then sold them at extortionate prices to their starving neighbours. Known as Spivs, they were hated at the time and in many cases for the rest of their lives. The community remembers.

In this time of coronavirus lockdown and shortage we have our own, modern version of the spiv. They may not be acquiring their goods illegaly but the profiteering shopkeeper who vastly inflates the price of goods like hand sanitizer, toilet roll or cleaning products is just as much a parasite as their wartime predecessors were.

In my town I recently came across a trader selling a couple of pounds worth of hand sanitizer for £9.99. That’s nothing short of daylight robbery in my opinion. I have, of course informed Trading standards but I’m genuinely not sure if they can intervene or not. But we can.

Just as during WW2 and beyond the community remembered, I appeal to everyone to remember just how these profiteers took advantage of their neighbours’ desperation. And I ask you to do two other things…

stock-footage-a-closed-going-out-of-business-signResolve never to buy from these shops or trade with these businesses again – unless they immediately stop their spivvy, antisocial behaviour.

Share this video with them so they know exactly what is in store if they continue to extort unfair advantage from our communities.

Social censure is worthless if people don’t understand why – so let them know.

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