One rule for one…

It’s one rule for one and another for another – or so it seems.

The whole country is in lockdown. Social distancing leaves us all queuing to get into shops for food and other essentials and once busy streets are now all but deserted. Police patrol our towns and countryside ensuring that nobody strays too far from home and even then only for essential purposes. Things like picnics in the park, leisurely games of bowls in the afternoon and even childrens’ final exams are prohibited. But travelling 35 miles to walk around strange towns spreading the virus from house to house is perfectly alright, apparently. At least it is if you’re authorised by Mark Jenkinson. A recently elected tory MP who clearly thinks that the law no longer applies to him.

LeafletterThis man was filmed delivering leaflets from door to door in Workington, Cumbria. That’s 35 miles from his office base in Carlisle.

This woman, also from Carlisle delivered the same leaflets to the same house about a week later. Watch closely, you’ll see that neither of them use gloves or hand sanitizer and even if they did they couldn’t possibly carry enough to change or re-sanitize after every drop.

In Netherton, a few miles up the coast, another of the same battalion of Coronavirus cannon-fodder leafletters, the modern day typhoid Marys of Cumbria reassured my confidant that it was all OK because he was wearing gloves – which, of course, he failed to change.

This is not an essential service. Nor are these door to door superspreaders observing any reasonable practice that would keep them or the occupants of the homes they visit safe. Mark Jenkinson MP claims to have arranged for “tens of thousands” of these leaflets to be delivered in this way. How many families, how many children or elderly residents is he putting at risk in the name of his own self-aggrandizement? He even boasted on his facebook page that his potential plague-bearers are targeting areas with high concentrations of elderly and vulnerable residents. Has he gone mad?

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