Slave harvest

Let’s face it – we screwed up! Britain closed its borders, turned the hostile environment into nothing less than a national pastime and made it absolutely impossible for us to bring home our own bloody harvest! Well done, folks.


So, not to be deterred by this privileged glimpse of the bleedin’ obvious the Gammon wranglers have come up with a new trope. Let’s get the unemployed to do it. Who cares if they’ve paid national insurance to cover their benefits in just this hour of need? Who cares that they’re only unemployed because their foreign based factory closed and moved to Europe where they can still benefit from the single market? We need to eat and they’re a great source of labour.

All it took were a few far right ‘thought leaders’ (‘thought preventers’ more like) to suggest it and the Gammon are all over it, each one vying to outdo the rest in this awful, inhuman orgy of exploitation.

These people are not your friends. These people are not on your side. Gammon wranglers like Farage, Rees-Mogg, Hopkins and Gove, exploiters like Johnson and Cummings will use you for their divisive, populist aims but don’t ever imagine that there’s any place for you in the cruel new society they’re building. You’re just as disposable as the rest of us. You have to be. That’s how they’ll keep us all down. But remember, divide and conquer only works if we allow ourselves to be divided in the first place!

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