Shamima Begum: Talking to myself.

Stuart and Stuart discuss Shamima Begum, citizenship, ISIS, terrorism and justice.

2 thoughts on “Shamima Begum: Talking to myself.”

  1. Brilliant, Stuart. Love the format. By the way: is that your house? The first place looks really smart.
    I agree with you: Shamima Begum is a British citizen, and should be allowed back into the UK to face trial.
    I would be interested to know what you think she should be charged with. You accused yourself of Treason. It seems to me that Miss Begum could justifiably be accused of that, together with anyone who went over to ISIS.
    I think you are right that due account should be taken of her age, and the circumstances that caused her to leave.
    If she is not tried for treason, then what are the alternatives?


    1. Hi, John. Thanks for commenting.
      Yes, when I decorated the attic as a video studio I left myself various options depending upon which way the camera points. This is the ‘homely fireside chat’ option.
      I think that she should be charged with membership of a proscribed organisation and whatever UK laws are associated with her subsequent activities. I think her age and the likelihood that she was groomed should mitigate but not neutralize those charges. I think that she should be available subsequently for extradition to those countries that wish to prosecute her for crimes committed on their soil, also taking youth and grooming into account.


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