A far right bingo card: Cultural Marxism

It’s all just cultural Marxism

“Ha ha! Gotcha! It’s Cultural Marxism – you’re a Marxist !

The easiest way to show up the sort of fool who uses this ridiculous tactic is simply to ask them to explain cultural Marxism to you. Ask them what they think it means and the n  ask them how they think that applies to you, your actions or indeed to what you’ve just said.

The reason why this is so effective is because most people who use the term have absolutely no idea of its true meaning. They may have a slight inkling of its incorrect, colloquial meaning amongst the fash but even then, I wouldn’t bet on it. Most of them won’t even know that. By asking them to explain it you force them into a position of having to acknowledge to themselves, even if only briefly, that they don’t actually know. The first time this happens will make almost no discernible difference but, over time, as people are asked to explain different ideological aspects and find themselves quite unable to do so, they may come to realise that there’s stuff to learn.

Additionally, you’re inviting them to steel man you (the opposite of straw man). You’re asking them to define what they think you believe in other words. This is usually a goldmine of material from which you can construct other arguments.

Finally – and in some ways most amusingly – you can explain what Cultural Marxism really means – assuming that you know it yourself. If not, read on, my leftie friend…

Cultural Marxism, as evoked in common fash parlance today just doesn’t exist. In this context the term describes a worldwide conspiracy of media moguls, academics, activists, communists, feminists, philanthropists like George Soros, wealthy businessmen such as Bill Gates and a host of secret societies such as the Bilderberg group (which does exist, isn’t secret and doesn’t sacrifice chickens).

The conspiracy, which by necessity has managed to keep hundreds of thousands of people quiet for a century, exists to overthrow the working man and the Western culture that most of them grew up in and know best of all. It’s a big ‘shoot ourselves in the foot’ party in which some of the world’s most successful individuals actively work against the conditions that helped make and keep them in their positions of power and wealth.

Now what on earth would they want to do that for?

The original meaning of Cultural Marxism (The one from the Frankfurt school and still the only one that makes any sense) talks about something much less secret, much less conspiratorial and far more plausible altogether. It suggests that there are people in positions of power and influence, media moguls, film-makers, politicians and others who actively seek to maintain the capitalist system of the West because it benefits them. For our part, the masses have no role except passively to accept without complaint the very system that the fash think everyone is trying to tear down.

It’s known as cultural Marxism because it reflects a social construct first identified by Marx – the oppression of the people by the very wealthy. It’s got nothing to do with a workers’ conspiracy to destroy the West or anything even remotely similar. But… you know… it has the name Marx in the title so it must be bad, mustn’t it? Well, yes – capitalism is bad but Cultural Marxism really isn’t what the fash think it is.

If you want to know which one is most plausible, ask yourself which definition (tearing down or building up capitalism) has had most success since the Nazis (yes, the Nazis) first began to popularise the bullshit (tearing down) concept under the term ‘Cultural Bolshevism’.

Now just where did your interlocuter get his information from?

Which ideology is driving his understanding?

Perhaps you should ask him.

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