Show racism the red card

Friday October 16th will be ‘Wear red day’. By wearing red we get to show the world that we oppose racism. It’s not just an opportunity to show our support for the cause, it’s also a chance to explain exactly why it’s so important to those, such as the cowardly racist whose been promising to come on Left Eye View and debate me for over a year without actually doing so.

Come on Kev… let’s ‘ave yer! We can do it remotely over zoom or skype. You know how to get in touch. Just reply to one of my messages or fill in the contact form at – simple.

It’s a moment in which we can point out the stupidity of using physical characteristics like skin colour to assign value to human beings. As I noted in a recent blog post, we might just as well judge people based upon ear lobe shape or the wrinkliness or otherwise of their scrotums.

It’s an opportunity to explain that by denying people fair life chances we are being inherently unfair, aggressive and bigoted.
It’s a day on which we can stand together in unity with out BAME brothers and sisters and let racists who lurk in the dark corners of our society, and those who don’t, that their disgusting attitudes have no place in civilised society.

And it’s also the day on which we can springboard our opposition to racism to the whole year.
If you’ve never stood up for racial unity before then do it tomorrow and then, keep going. Use Wear Red Day to see how it feels to be on the right side of history and then keep going.

Some people ask me why I, as a white man care about racial harmony. Some even classify me as a race traitor, as if that could ever actually be a thing. The answer is very simple and straightforward.

I’m a human being. I’m a member of a social species and as such I have a vested interest in the overall health and happiness of my society. That includes the health and happiness of all members of my society.
When part of the group is diminished, the whole is diminished. When we treat some people badly, we damage everyone. So, quite apart from the stupidity of racism, the inherent unfairness of racism and the downright wickedness of racism – it’s also a clear own goal for everyone. And it’s just plain wrong, based upon inaccurate assumptions and the limited science of centuries ago when smug Europeans still believed in Plato’s forms and the medieval hierarchy of human creation with white men at the top and black women at the bottom.

Racism isn’t just outdated nonsense, it’s also a clear sign of bigoted fuckwittery.

So wear red and show racism the red card, not just on Friday but always.

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