Why Laurence Fox is wrong about white privilege

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ‘woke’ in the sense that Mr. Fox would describe it. I’m not about to claim that everyone I disagree with is a racist. Nor would I ever claim that anyone who doesn’t advocate illegal violence or discrimination should be ‘de-platformed’. I really do believe in freedom of speech as anyone who has watched my videos on the subject will know. But that doesn’t mean I agree with Laurence.

I don’t think he’s racist though. I think he’s in exactly the same place I was in myself once upon a time. I’ve never been racist either but for a long time I, like Mr. Fox, believed that white privilege was a myth, a cheap ‘tit for tat’ jibe intended to silence white people, especially white men in the worst kind of passive-aggressive, ad hominem argument.

But now I have a different view…

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