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Was Boris really in ICU?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Conservative Covid-19/Coronavirus Mark Jenkinson

Mark Jenkinson: Outlaw MP?

This MP ignored lockdown legislation. The irresponsible message he sent in the name of his own aggrandisement could cost lives.

Covid-19/Coronavirus NHS Welfare state

The great PPE swindle

Like all tory politicians, Hancock wilfully left the NHS under-resourced and now attempts to cover his guilt by throwing the blame on to his victims. Shame on you Hancock! Shame on you.

Austerity Conservative Covid-19/Coronavirus NHS Privatisation

How dare you Matt Hancock?

It’s not #NHS staff who are misusing #PPE. It’s all the numpties wearing it for dog-walking or wearing the same gloves from one customer to the next in shops

Boris Johnson Conservative Covid-19/Coronavirus NHS Privatisation

Boris and the NHS

Boris Johnson relies on the NHS he & his chums have starved to save his own life.


5G: Stop being so bloody stupid!

Stop being so bloody stupid! Covid-19 is a corona virus. It’s one of several corona viruses you’ll have heard of including Sars and Mers. It’s not caused by 5G masts. There is absolutely no mechanism for 5G to create viruses and let’s face it, viruses have been around since before human beings even became a […]

Community Covid-19/Coronavirus Exploitation History

Covid-19 and the spivs

Never buy from these shops or trade with these businesses again

Boris Johnson Conservative Covid-19/Coronavirus Europe NHS

A little graph

Of course other countries did have a couple of distinct advantages


Who’s afraid of Corona virus

Covid-19 is the most serious pandemic of ,my lifetime. It has the potential, if not checked to kill more people worldwide than died during the second world war. There’s nothing remotely trivial about that. So why am I not afraid?


Covid-19 and ‘The eternal now’

This moment is OK – don’t ruin it with thoughts of a future moment you can do nothing more to prevent.

Brexit Community Europe Exploitation

Reap what you sow

what you voted Brexit for!

Community Conservative Covid-19/Coronavirus NHS

Nurses aren’t heroes!

If you’d really like to do something to support nurses