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Second referendum

We won’t let you shaft the rest of the UK to enlarge your already over-inflated piles

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Boris’ false dichotomy

Boris’ letter to parliament doesn’t include every possibility. We could simply withdraw article 50

Boris Johnson Brexit Parliament Uncategorized

Voting for Letwin’s amendment & opposing Boris’ deal

Keir Starmer’s brilliant analysis of Boris Johnson’s proposed withdrawal agreement.

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You can’t trust the Boris

Boris is behaving like a little boy who, having been caught with his hands in the cookie jar is now relying on a technicality (nobody said he couldn’t) to change the obvious reality of the Benn act.

Boris Johnson Brexit Gammon Jacob Rees Mogg Nigel Farage

Which ECHR rights shall we do without?

Please ask all the Brexiteers you can

Boris Johnson Brexit Nigel Farage

All hail the Boris!

The PM does a Trump,
and trouser-coughs across this land,

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What’s so complicated?

Why don’t people understand Labour’s plan re Brexit? It’s simple

Brexit Interview

Ha! You won’t shut me up quite so easily!

The Brexit Party will not shut me up quite so easily

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A violent Brexiteer

Whilst manning a stall for UKIP, Stanyer punched a 78 year old remainer unconscious.

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The Brexit Party fails badly in Workington, Cumbria

The Brexit party was in Workington, Cumbria this weekend. Sorry about the poor video quality. That’s what happens when you try to interview people and do everything yourself. Oh well. The ‘Brexiteers’ amateurism was a joy to behold. The candidate could hardly get a word in because of his volunteer helper whose attempts at political […]

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Unrest if no Brexit

This week, for the first time in over 3 years I caught a glimpse of hope. This week I realised that there’s a chance that the rest of my life will not be lived against the backdrop of decades of economic disaster. This week gave me a reason to be optimistic again.