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Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 1 of 4

A heartfelt plea to the millions of decent Brits to stop for a moment, to take stock and to see where we’re headed.

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Far right bingo card: Hang the leftie traitors

Are they so afraid of opposing viewpoints that they want to make the entire country a safe space where they will never be challenged?

Fuckin’ snowflakes!

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Shamima Begum: Talking to myself.

Should Shamima Begum return to the UK?

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Wot… Still no Russian report?

Come on Boris, if you’ve nowt to hide show us the Russian documents.

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The costs of war

If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.

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UK defence firm defenceless against US dollars and Government capitulation

Cobham is a British firm, responsible for much of the defence infrastructure our country relies upon for national security since before WW2.