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Patel’s murderous plans for asylum-seekers

Priti Patel may well be the most despicable politician of my lifetime.

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Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 4

Johnson is a dictator in the making and the nature of that dictatorship is far from benign.

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Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 3 of 4

If your answers to those questions are different you’re falling for the propaganda.

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Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 2 of 4

The people in power followed the money, as they often do.

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Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 1 of 4

A heartfelt plea to the millions of decent Brits to stop for a moment, to take stock and to see where we’re headed.

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The deal is done!

we really are in it together… including Tory and Brexit voters, most of whom lack the means to profit from Brexit like Aaron Banks will.

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That was a long haul!

10 years ago ConDem austerity destroyed my Ltd company. It wasn’t necessary – it was ideological. The Condemn government used the global financial crash to give tax cuts to the wealthy and make the rest of us foot the bill. Small businesses like mine went to the wall, public sector workers faced a seemingly unending […]

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UNESCO international Day of solidarity with the Palestinian people

Both our main political parties claim to oppose oppression and the mistreatment of entire populations. How will they acknowledge this day of solidarity in the face of what has been described an ongoing land grab of monumental proportions in direct contravention of resolution 181?

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UK’s murderous response to Covid

Months ago I warned about the government’s eugenicist agenda. It was all the way back in early May when the whole, sordid story became clear. The British government didn’t cause Covid but it has certainly been very opportunistic about getting rid of the country’s ‘useless eaters’. Have a look at my post and video from […]

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Fair’s fair

Stop starving kids. Stop subsidizing deceitful MPs pies too.

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Far right bingo card: All Muslims are child rapists

If the likes of Robinson, Farage, Hopkins and Golding really wanted to eradicate child sexual exploitation they’d begin with the Roman Catholics but that’s hardly their aim. It’s brown people they dislike. Abused children can go hang, for all they care.

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My people: A house divided

We need to stop fighting each other and unite against our common enemy. The conservative party has never cared for you, your rights or your quality of life.