What about West Cumbria’s nuclear industry?

Just to be clear – it was the tories who refused to support Moorside. Labour has factored it into their plans and sees it as a vital part of economic growth and greener energy strategies.

To hear Jenky speak you’d think it was the other way around – that’s when he’s not displaying his ignorance of the role of Workington’s MP in the nuclear industry’s management structure.

Workington hustings – Trust

A political lightweight thinks the electorate is stupid and tries to make us believe that every politician is basically acting in good faith. The experienced and competent stateswoman knows that people deserve better than to be patronised and condescended to by a jumped up potato. That’s why Sue Hayman (Labour) answers the question with candor and understanding. Mark Jenkinson (conservative) really has a very long way to go before he’ll be able to square up to a candidate of Sue Hayman’s calibre.

Workers’ rights – Workington hustings

Once again Labour candidate Sue Hayman speaks with authority and passion about Labour’s plans to protect working people, whether or not we leave the EU. Her conservative opponent, Mark Jenkinson frankly acknowledges that he doesn’t understand the question and sits down after just a few seconds of waffle. What is very clear is the difference both in attitude and in ability. The Labour candidate is able and willing to tackle the issues head on whereas the Conservative candidate really doesn’t appear to have given workers’ rights much thought. No surprise there, then.


An interview with Sue Hayman part 1

This is the first part of an interview I conducted with Sue Hayman. Until the dissolution of parliament last week, Sue was MP for Workington. This Workington woman she sat on Labour’s front bench as shadow Environment secretary.