Here we follow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the government’s response to the changing picture it presents. We’ll also cover general news, advice and non-political information relevant to the disease and society’s reaction as the disease continues to afflict the population.

10/5/2020: Boris  comes out of hiding to give us a roadmap for unlocking the nation’s response to Coronavirus. I’m cautiously encouraged. I thought he’d be far more reckless although, as ever with this government, the Devil will be in the detail.

4/5/2020: How we know that the government is following a eugenicist agenda. Covid19 is a gift for the likes of Cummings, Johnson and Gove.

27/4/2020: I have Emailed My MP to ask his opinion about SAGE, scientific integrity and political influence. This is in response to the news that political advisor, spin doctor and eugenicist, Dominic Cummings sits on the scientific panel advising the government about its response to Covid-19.

Email to Jenky


21/4/2020: Mark Jenkinson MP has surpassed himself this time. Not only does this elected politician fail to understand what ‘political’ actually means, he gets into victim blaming with an ignorant and callous attack on the Royal college of nursing (RCN) to cover the government’s tracks over Coronavirus.

19/4/2020: How many families, how many children or elderly residents is Mark Jenkinson MP putting at risk in the name of his own self-aggrandizement? He even boasted on his facebook page that his potential plague-bearers are targeting areas with high concentrations of elderly and vulnerable residents. Has he gone mad?

My local MP, Mark Jenkinson appears to have endangered lives by ignoring lockdown legislation. You’re not above the law, Mark!

Obese psychopathic jenky mark jenkinson

Like all tory politicians, Hancock wilfully left the NHS under-resourced and now attempts to cover his guilt by throwing the blame on to his victims. Shame on you Hancock! Shame on you.

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It’s not #NHS staff who are misusing #PPE.

Boris Johnson relies on the NHS he & his chums have starved to save his own life.


Stop being so bloody stupid! Covid-19 is a corona virus. It’s one of several corona viruses you’ll have heard of including Sars and Mers. It’s not caused by 5G masts.

Never buy from these shops or trade with these businesses again


Of course other countries did have a couple of distinct advantages

Covid-19 is the most serious pandemic of ,my lifetime. It has the potential, if not checked to kill more people worldwide than died during the second world war. There’s nothing remotely trivial about that. So why am I not afraid?


This moment is OK – don’t ruin it with thoughts of a future moment you can do nothing more to prevent.

If you’d really like to do something to support nurses…

When I can’t get to a usable sink I use gel. At least I used to – until a few weeks ago when we ran out.