Here you will find links to the occasional interviews I conduct on behalf of Left eye view.

22/02/2020: Meet Sharon. Sharon has worked hard all her life to raise her family and keep food on the table. She’s paid tax and national insurance and is entitled to support – not that the DWP seems to care. Sharon remains an active member of her local community’s government. She’s campaigned against injustice and continues to do so in as much as her current health allows. This is Sharon’s story.


09/02/2020: Gabs has a right to stay in UK. She’s married to a Brit, after all. But the way she and her husband have been treated mean that they will soon take their high-earning,


tax-paying, kind-hearted and public-spirited contributions to France. Given that she’s been assaulted and mistreated by nationalists in UK I can’t say I blame her.


29/12/2019: I visited Gone to the dogs cafe in Carlisle, Cumbria where Paul, Mick and colleagues have built a community that feeds, clothes and advocates for homeless and other disadvantaged people.

24/12/2019: The Rose Community is both national and regional. It’s the most comprehensive of all the new (post GE2019) initiatives I’ve seen so far. This is going to be big

Interview with Mia and Jade, the ladies behind Corbyn’s Christmas Challenge.


Jenky spud potato

My ’empty chair’ interview with Mark Jenkinson, 2019 candidate for Workington representing the Conservative party.

Postal vote claim

My interview with Tony Lywood, 2019 candidate for Copeland representing the Labour party.

My interview with Jill Perry, 2019 candidate for Workington representing the Green party.


Interviewing Sue Hayman part 1, 2019 Labour candidate for Workington and erstwhile shadow cabinet minister for the environment, fisheries and food.


Interviewing Sue Hayman part 2, 2019 Labour candidate for Workington and erstwhile shadow cabinet minister for the environment, fisheries and food.

Not strictly an interview but I heard Ian Lavery speak in Workington before the election. Here’s part 1 and part 2 of his passionate and rousing speech.

My interview with veteran campaigner Jeff Faux. Mr. Faux was punched unconscious by UKIP campaigner, John Stanyer in 2016. Mr. Stanyer went on to become Brexit party organiser for Cumbria.

Stanyer 2

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