Manifesto watch

Here we’ll compare the actions of the majority Conservative government with their Conservative 2019 Manifesto pledges. With such a large majority there really shouldn’t be anything to stop them implementing all their promises.

As Workington’s newly elected tory MP told his local paper on Christmas eve…
We’ve got a working majority with the ability to deliver everything that was promised.”

Go on then. We’ll be watching. We want to see you do the good stuff too.

13/5/2020: There are many ways to say the same thing – each one brings to light a different piece of information to drive the point home.

4/5/2020: How we know that the British government is following a eugenicist agenda. The Covid19 pandemic was a gift for them.

27/4/2020: I have Emailed My MP to ask his opinion about SAGE, scientific integrity and political influence. This is in response to the news that political advisor, spin doctor and eugenicist, Dominic Cummings sits on the scientific panel advising the government about its response to Covid-19.

Email to Jenky

16/4/2020: The calls from the back benches begin. There’s just no profit in saving lives!

15/4/2020: Culling the elderly, the infirm, the vulnerable. ‘Useless eaters’, all!

13/4/2020: Tory MP risking lives to spread self-aggrandizing propaganda.

12/4/20: The great PPE swindle!

11/4/2020: Health minister Matt Hancoeck blames nurses for the PPE shortage. Of course you’ll run out if you actually use the equipment!

5/4/2020: Boris finally appreciates the NHS that he and his party has abused for so long.

5/4/2020: A little comparison of UK deaths versus countries with decent governments.

5/4/2020: Now we see what people who voted for Brexit really got. At least they’ll get a bit of sunshine and fresh air!

01/03/2020: The government follows in the footsteps of the third Reich as it vets staff in an attempt to keep national institutions ‘on message’.

21/02/2020: The tories keep on crowing about how Britain is fully employed and yet Priti Patel also claims that there are fully 8,500,000 (yes you read that right – eight and a half million) unemployed or under-employed workers who can fill the post-Brexit gap. They can’t have it both ways.

20/02/2020: We’ve already noted some of Boris Johnson’s broken promises. We’ve seen his administration’s cruel and gratuitously malicious actions during its first few weeks in Parliament. Here’s a round up of some of the other travesties which can be laid at the door of this despicable excuse for a government. It follows the voting record of my own MP, Mark Jenkinson but since, Like Boris Johnson himself, he’s too spineless to go against even the cruellest demands of Mr. Cummings, it’s a 100% match.

19/02/2020: We’re moving closer and closer to a Boris dictatorship.

18/02/2020: Not that the UK Government is in any way racist!

14/02/2020: Boris has had an overall majority for a couple of months now. Let’s see how many of his Manifesto promises this effectively unopposed ‘man of the people’ has managed to keep, shall we?

8/2/2020: Still no sign of the promised Russian documents. You know, the ones that apparently would prove that the Conservative party hadn’t done anything wrong. Why then, I wonder, are they so reluctant to publish?

20/01/2020: Over 300 tories voted to remove their own right to vote in parliament. They have given up not only their own voices but also the voices of each and every one of their constituents. This is not representative democracy. This is not ‘Taking back control’. They’re turning our democracy into a Boris Johnson dictatorship. You really couldn’t make it up!

18/01/2020: Page 38 of the conservative manifesto promised to overhaul the long-standing balance between Government, the Houses of Parliament and the courts. It was very clear to all who bothered to research the plan that this was really about dictatorship. Even before the proposed legislation has been presented to Parliament the Prime Minister and his government are behaving as though the UK has already become that dictatorship.

16/01/2020: On Thursday 16th January 2020 every single tory vote went on refusing to increase funding to the NHS. This despite the fact that during the debate before the vote many of these same MPs had made clear their view that the NHS was not funded sufficiently. Nobody on either side of the House could have been in any doubt that such a vote would simply make a bad situation significantly worse. And yet they did it anyway.

14/01/2020: So Boris lied about his ‘clear plan‘ for the NHS and Social care, eh? Of course he did!

9/1/2020: Forget the pre manifesto promises. They just voted to allow themselves open season on Workers’ rights. At present they say it’s so they can recreate working peoples’ rights in other legislation but that’s both pointless and stupid. Why remove limits to reducing rights protection if you plan to maintain high standards anyway? It makes no sense.

8/1/2020: The Tories just voted to abandon LONE children. Bastards!

7/1/2020: Despite reassurances that European citizens living in the UK will be treated fairly the conservative government used its majority to refuse to honour that guarantee. They also ensured that any such citizens will be denied the right of appeal. This from the BBC website

28/12/2019: The NHS is being privatised. You may not want to believe that but it’s true, all the same. Here’s the problem.

2019 Conservative manifesto front page.png

27/12/2019: So often we find that this government’s strongest denials come just before they go ahead and do it anyway. So let’s just keep an eye on this shall we. Boris’ government has denied that there are any plans to politicise the judiciary or the appointment of judges to the Supreme court. Really?

OK then Boris – we’ll believe you. But if you’re lying we’ll call you out on it.

23/12/19: When will we get to see the report on Russian interference in British democracy? Come on, Boris. We’re waiting.

23/12/19: Not strictly a manifesto pledge but a broken promise all the same. It seems the Tory party isn’t all that keen on exposing the Islamophobia within.

21/12/19: Boris drops protection for unaccompanied, abandoned children.

20/12/2019: The tory manifesto promised to increase the living wage and set the minimum at £10:50 by 2024. Now they’re saying that’s aspirational and might not happen. Never trust a tory!

20/12/19 Removing workers’ rights from the already agreed EU withdrawal bill has been jeapordised precisely because the rights of workers and of EU citizens have gone. This risks not getting Brexit done but it will make it easier for the tories to screw working people afterwards if it’s agreed. Worth a try eh, Boris?

20/12/2019 Just 7 days after the general election result was announced and the Business secretary, Andrea Leadsom is already flogging off British defence capability to the Americans.

17/12/2019: Boris brings back the bursary for nursing students. But don’t get too excited.

16/12/19 In their manifesto the Conservatives pledged to begin healing our diverse nation with inclusive policies. They’ve begun this healing by literally criminalising identity. Roma people will have no legal way to exist in UK once Boris’ new legislation passes. I seem to recall a certain Mr. Hitler did exactly the same to the Roma in another place and another time. Be afraid… be very afraid!

16/12/19 Three short days after the Conservatives learned of their election victory and already the promises made about working peoples’ rights and environmental protections are being watered down.

13/12/19 Already, within 24 hours of their election victory, the tory party is talking about needing private insurance for care services. These are services we’ve already paid insurance for via national insurance.

2019 Boris Johnsons guarantee.png