MP watch: Mark Jenkinson

Mark Jenkinson was elected as MP for Workington on 12th December 2019. He promised various things, not least to look after the interests of the people of this Northern constituency. This page is dedicated to watching his actions as MP and seeing just how well he keeps his word to the voters who ‘lent him their vote’.

20/02/2020: We’ve already noted some of Jenky’s cruel and gratuitously malicious actions during his first few weeks in Parliament. Here’s a round up of some of the other travesties which can be laid at the door of this despicable excuse for a human being.


Blocked by Jenky08/02/2020: I recently asked a question of my MP, Mark Jenkinson. He failed to respond. I corresponded with his office and he blocked me and others from commenting on his official Facebook page. So I made a little badge of honour for us to wear. You’re welcome.

20/01/2020: Mark Jenkinson MP voted to remove his own right to vote in Parliament, thereby removing his voice and the voice of all his constituents. Over 300 other tories did exactly the same. They’re turning our democracy into a Boris Johnson dictatorship. You really couldn’t make it up!

16/01/2020: On Thursday 16th January 2020 every single tory vote, including Jenky’s went on refusing to increase funding to the NHS. This despite the fact that during the debate before the vote many of these same MPs had made clear their view that the NHS was not funded sufficiently. Nobody on either side of the House could have been in any doubt that such a vote would simply make a bad situation significantly worse. And yet they did it anyway. Nice one Jenky!

9/1/2020: Forget the pre manifesto promises. They just voted to allow themselves open season on Workers’ rights. Mark voted with the government of course, despite denying any such possibility at Workington’s hustings prior to the general election. I didn’t believe him then and I don’t believe him now. At present they say it’s so they can recreate working peoples’ rights in other legislation but that’s both pointless and stupid. Why remove limits to reducing rights protection if you plan to maintain high standards anyway? It makes no sense.

19530663_303.jpg9/1/2020: My open letter to Mark Jenkinson MP because I’m appalled at the cruelty he supports. It’s a letter he chose not to respond to, as you can see here.

8/1/2020: Mark has just voted to abandon LONE, homeless children.

7/1/2020: Despite reassurances that European citizens living in the UK will be treated fairly Mr. Jenkinson voted with the conservative government to refuse to honour that guarantee. They also ensured that any such citizens will be denied the right of appeal. This from the BBC website

24/12/19: Workington’s newly elected tory MP told his local paper on Christmas eve…
We’ve got a working majority with the ability to deliver everything that was promised.”

Go on then. We’ll be watching. We want to see you do the good stuff too.

20/12/19: Elected on a promise to get Brexit done Mark has twice voted for the revised Brexit withdrawal bill. The revisions are what might well stop the EU from ratifying it after all. The version they’d agreed to included rights for workers and for EU citizens. This one doesn’t and may not pass in the EU as a result. Funnily enough, Jenky promised that there’d be no assault on workers rights too. Apparently that’s not to be trusted either!

17/12/19: There’s Brexit and then there’s catastrophic, destruction of rights and wages Brexit. Mark Jenkinson has just joined the ERG group of far right Brexiteers. Guess which they prefer?

16/12/19: Three short days after the Conservatives learned of their election victory the promises made about working peoples’ rights and environmental protections are being watered down. One week earlier, on December 9th 2019 Mark Jenkinson promised at the Workington hustings that there were no plans to reduce workers’ rights. So was he lying? Or is he just a fool, a buffoon who doesn’t understand his own party’s obvious intentions?