Is Britain really a Christian country?

Some British citizens, those who hate Muslims and want to see them evicted from our shores try to justify their opinions by claiming that this is a Christian country. But is that really true? Even if the UK was a Christian country – those who shout so loudly about it hardly follow Christian doctrine themselves. The far right claim to Christianity is nothing but hypocrisy.

Nigel Farage lying about socialism

Nigel Farage really does know better than this. His assertions about the views of democratic socialists in Britain and of young people in particular is deceitful, patronising and really bloody obvious.

He’s using the most extreme arguments he can to demonise socialism whilst painting his beloved capitalism in a way that makes it almost unrecognisable.

The version of capitalism he describes has nothing at all to do with the unregulated, free-market system that he himself clearly longs for. He talks about using income tax to fund public services and yet ‘our Nige’ has gone on record calling for the dismantling of the NHS. He even tried to avoid paying tax himself by hiding his own money in a tax haven until he was found out and had to bring it all back to save face.

Farage’s hypocrisy is never more obvious than when he’s spewing forth such exaggerated lies as he does in this video.

Why I make socialist videos

I learned about my working class heritage from my grandfather. I’m part of a long line of working people. Their struggle for equality, universal suffrage, working peoples’ rights and the rest of those things we take for granted so easily cost many of them their lives.

We owe it to our predecessors not to allow the good things they fought for to disappear under a tidal wave of neoliberalism.