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As this website and blog grows I’ll be adding various resources to help in the continuing struggle for working people and the rights of the working class.

The Convention

This is a PDF of The Convention, a blog series I wrote years ago, long before the referendum was a prospect because even then politicians on the right and far right were complaining about our human rights. The struggle to retain our human and civil rights will be the next big battle in post-Brexit UK. PLEASE get informed. Download The Convention and see why it’s so important not to let Boris and his cynical mates take our rights from us.

The fall of the cabal

This may be of limited interest but it does have a political angle. There’s a 10 part video doing the rounds called ‘Fall of the Cabal‘. It’s a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream but it’s dangerous in so far as it’s gaining populist traction for reasons that, quite frankly are beyond me.

Anyway – I’ve been discussing it online in a Facebook group and as a result I’ve debunked the first part. Here’s the text of my rebuttal of part 1.