Stu’s news page (we’re f****d)

26/8/2020: Some good news and some bad news.

18/8/2020: Gavin Williamson has screwed up – not by fixing the exam results to disadvantage working class students, that’s what he was supposed to do. That’s exactly what Boris’ handler, Dominic Cummings told him to do. He screwed up by getting caught and that just might make him the government’s next distraction and scapegoat. But Gavin knows an awful lot of Tory secrets and he just might not go quietly!

6/7/2020: Here’s the ‘Best of British‘ edition.

13/6/2020: Is the Covid-19 getting tired from all that globetrotting?
Will Dominic Cummings pass his hearing test?
What’s going on with Priti Patel’s new name?
When will Boris step out of the fridge?
All this and more in this week’s round-up of Stu’s news.

8/6/2020: Black lives matter! This weekend saw a huge protest in support of Black Lives Matter. The protestors were highlighting a range of issues, of course but with one central demand so far as I can tell. 

2/6/2020: Yesterday some men and women whose children won’t return to their private centres of education until September at the earliest, told the plebs to send their kids back to school.

1/6/2020: Between Covid19, Brexit, the ERG, Jacob Double-barrelled-snooty-name and Johnson’s irritating habit of breaking his word whenever it suits him the United Kingdom really is monumentally f%¢£€d!