Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 4

If you’re still unconvinced of Boris Johnson’s gradual Nazification of Britain then this final part of the film provides evidence not only of the parallels with Hitler but the way that the Johnson government continues to attack our rights and freedoms. Johnson is a dictator in the making and the nature of that dictatorship is far from benign.

But there is hope. Watch to the end to hear what we can do to change this terrifying trajectory. The Tory party knows nothing of loyalty to leaders once they are seen by the public for what they really are. We can use the Tory party’s own inherent callousness to overthrow this regime before it’s too late.

The government that follows will still be tory but at least it won’t be Nazi. That might not be a perfect solution but it beats what the current government has in store for us.

UK compared with a banana republic

Imagine you had the chance to fix a corrupt regime in a banana republic somewhere in the developing world. How might you go about it? Would you use a Western democracy like the UK as a template?

Inhuman, inhumane bastards!

Back on December 22nd I blogged about the Tory plan to abandon LONE children left alone in Europe whose families are settled in UK. Yesterday every single Tory MP (including my own ‘excuse for a human being’ MP, Mark Jenkinson) voted to amend the European withdrawal bill to that effect.

This isn’t just oversight – they’re actively removing the relevant clause from Boris’ increasingly changing ‘oven ready’ deal.

If you ever doubted that the UK has elected a truly monstrous government just imagine the plight of a small child alone, abandoned and at risk this winter. Imagine your own children in such a situation. Imagine the risk, the fear, the lack of nurturing as they face the elements, unfed and uncared for in a strange land.

Such pathetic, evil, selfish bastards! How can they look ordinary, decent people in the eye? They should hang their heads in shame.

There’s a reason why the Tories are known as ‘The nasty party‘. It’s because they are!