Nazi Britain: a warning from history part 4

If you’re still unconvinced of Boris Johnson’s gradual Nazification of Britain then this final part of the film provides evidence not only of the parallels with Hitler but the way that the Johnson government continues to attack our rights and freedoms. Johnson is a dictator in the making and the nature of that dictatorship is far from benign.

But there is hope. Watch to the end to hear what we can do to change this terrifying trajectory. The Tory party knows nothing of loyalty to leaders once they are seen by the public for what they really are. We can use the Tory party’s own inherent callousness to overthrow this regime before it’s too late.

The government that follows will still be tory but at least it won’t be Nazi. That might not be a perfect solution but it beats what the current government has in store for us.

Jenky’s native American name

Native Americans have some excellent names. ‘Running Bear’, ‘Sitting Bull’ and ‘Black Elk’ to name just three. Some names reflected the aspirations of parents and were given to children in their papooses. Others seemingly were given in adulthood and reflected some characteristic of the recipients personalities. These names might reflect physique, historical achievements or physical prowess. ‘Crazy horse’ might be an example of this latter type of name. It is this second type of name, the one based upon attributes that I now confer upon my MP, Mark Jenkinson. It’s loosely based upon the first names listed above, ‘Running Bear’ and ‘Sitting Bull’…

Mark Jenkinson_1

Running-away Bullshiter (RAB) MP, the member for Workington.

  • Why am I being so hard on this newly elected gobshite from my home town?
  • Why do I choose not to give the scheming little runt the benefit of the doubt?
  • What’s my reason for calling him a  coward and a bullshitter?

Because it’s the truth!

19530663_303.jpgEarly in January I posted an open letter to RAB MP in which I asked him a series of questions relating to his decision to abandon unaccompanied, vulnerable and traumatised children. I also Emailed him at his parliamentary Email address with exactly the same letter. I still haven’t received a response.

I did get an Email from his staff explaining that Jenky needed my postal address in order to respond as ‘we’ don’t respond by Email. I pointed out that the staffer was replying by Email already and that I really don’t trust RAB enough to give him my home address. I know far too much about him and the company he keeps to want him anywhere near my accommodation details.

The staffer responded that it’s to make sure I really am a constituent, citing parliamentary rules that seem to be broken extremely regularly so far as I can  tell. My response was that Jenky is well aware that I’m a constituent and has been since his UKIP days when I took him on about racism and nationalism. I sent links from ParliamentUK detailing how to write to MPs that are not your own so that argument didn’t wash either, truth to tell.

Contacting my MPI still didn’t get any reply to that letter. I just got blocked from commenting on RAB’s facebook page.


Not only is this poor excuse for  a member of parliament so callous that he would vote (twice) to abandon children fleeing war zones and torture but he doesn’t even have the intellect to come up with a good excuse for his cowardly refusal to acknowledge his inhumanity.

Yep, Running-away Bullshitter (‘RAB’ for short) seems like the perfect handle to me.

Dear Mark Jenkinson, MP

This is an open letter to my MP, one Mark Jenkinson of Workington in Cumbria. I’ve written it because I’m absolutely disgusted at the way this tory majority government has been riding roughshod over peoples’ rights, including abandoning unaccompanied children. Please consider doing the same. Either amend this letter or write your own, Send a paper copy or Email to your MP and also publish it widely across social media. Then wait for the response. Let’s make these appallingly cruel bastards face what they’ve done. Let’s make sure everyone knows just what monsters they have elected and let’s make sure that they never get to pretend to be decent human beings ever again!

Dear Mark Jenkinson, MP,


I am a Workington resident and so one of your constituents. I find it difficult to understand how anyone claiming to represent this fine community of hard-working people could vote repeatedly to abandon unaccompanied and isolated children. The horror of this scenario for vulnerable minors, including toddlers and presumably even orphaned babies will be beyond the experience of most if not all of your constituents and presumably beyond your own experience too.

Yet even you should be able to understand the helpless vulnerability to which you and your colleagues have condemned so many young refugees and asylum-seekers. If you have within you the slightest ability to empathise then I ask you to search your conscience now and undertake never again to repeat any similar travesty in the name of the people of Workington. Remember, people ‘lent’ you their vote because many in our community are impatient to get Brexit done but they did not consent to barbarity of this nature.

I do not know whether or not your votes to remove child protections and then to oppose the proposal to reinstate them were subject to party whips but it makes no difference. You may say that you had to vote with the government or lose the party whip but so what? You’d still keep your seat. You could still vote on any issue you wanted to, you could support the government when your conscience allowed and you could still maintain your integrity.


But no – the price of you remaining in the tory party (to whom you’ve shown precious little loyalty in recent years) is the abandonment of vulnerable children. They pay the price of your acceptance into the parliamentary tory club. And what a club it turned out to be, a nasty little cadre of abusers who are prepared to treat children this way isn’t a club I’d want to be part of.

  • Why is it so appealing to you?
  • Why is it so difficult for you to empathise with the children you have just condemned out of hand?
  • Why are you prepared to see children suffer and die all alone in makeshift canvas villages just so that you can remain a tory?
  • What makes you think that any of your constituents would ever consider that to be a reasonable trade?

I would be very grateful to hear or read your responses to the various questions I have put to you. I will be equally keen to publish your response alongside my letter or, if no response is forthcoming by Friday January 31st 2020, to publish a notification that you did not respond.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Sorensen
Workington resident