Ha! You won’t shut me up quite so easily!

A little over a week ago the Brexit party came to my home town. I was lucky enough to watch them make fools of themselves on video. Of course, that video has been passed around quite a bit and is actually one of the most successful I’ve ever made, despite the rubbish camera work and impromptu interview questions.

All involved gave consent – they even consented on camera. Still they complained to YouTube and had the video taken down as a ‘breach of privacy’.

But the Brexit Party will not shut me up quite so easily. They gave their consent… it’s there for all to see and I kept my word, including honouring their request for me not to cut anything. They really should be careful what they wish for.

My response, as soon as I heard of the complaint was to move many of my videos to Vimeo and to begin this blog. Vimeo is less precious than YouTube so the chances are they won’t be able to get the video removed from there. I also made another video in which I interview the elderly victim of John Stanyer, one of the Brexiteers in question. He punched this elderly man unconscious during the referendum campaign in 2016. They won’t get that video removed either.

A violent Brexiteer

Last weekend the Brexit Party came to my hometown. It was a complete car crash. They made complete fools of themselves and I was lucky enough to capture the proceedings on video. Quite apart from being politically clueless, they even argued amongst themselves on camera before one spat the dummy and literally packed up the stall while the other refused to answer any more of my questions.

One of the interviewees, John Stanyer, the Brexit Party’s county-wide organiser, made a great show of his opposition to violence, including political violence. I was surprised to learn that during the referendum campaign, whilst manning a stall for UKIP, Stanyer had punched a 78 year old remainer unconscious.

Today I interviewed the victim and his wife, a lovely couple, both of whom have a degree of intelligence that would put Stanyer to shame. You can see the interview with Geoff and Jill below.

The Brexit Party fails badly in Workington, Cumbria

The Brexit party was in Workington, Cumbria this weekend. Sorry about the poor video quality. That’s what happens when you try to interview people and do everything yourself. Oh well.

The ‘Brexiteers’ amateurism was a joy to behold. The candidate could hardly get a word in because of his volunteer helper whose attempts at political discourse were simply laughable. When the candidate finally intervened they had a little spat on camera before the volunteer spat his dummy and packed up the stall in a fit of sulky pique more suited to a teenage girl who’s just been told she can’t have her ears pierced. And this was only lunchtime – I’m sure they’d planned to stay much longer.

Perhaps I scared them away. Five minutes later they’d vanished without trace. What they did say before they scarpered, especially the candidate was revealing though and it really should give us all reason to wonder just who these upstarts think they are.

How dare they risk our economy and the lives and peace of the people of Northern Ireland on a pipe dream of former glory and Empire? How dare they?

How dare they?