Inequality at the Hustings

The first question at last night’s hustings was about inequality. It’s ironic that this first question demonstrated the inequality between the candidates, both in competence and in understanding. The labour candidate, Sue Hayman was confident, knowledgeable and passionate. Mark Jenkinson, the local conservative’s answer was superficial, uninformed and characterised by soundbytes delivered by rote without a hint of engagement with the subject.

Jenky might just as well have ‘phoned it in!


Hustings, Workington 9/12/2019

I’m sorry that this took so long to upload – and it’s only audio I’m afraid. There have been so many technical hitches that I don’t even know where to begin.
Anyway – I give you last night’s hustings in Workington. Edited ‘bite size’ versions will follow as soon as I can get this glitchy software under control.