Boris being smug now

So Boris is going to table a bill making delay in the face of a no deal Brexit in 2020 illegal. Ask yourself this…

Why on Earth would a PM with a huge overall majority in the house need such a bill? It’s pointless.

Unless of course he’s just being a smug child. The old Etonian continues to show his true colours.

Mark Jenkinson: Workington man

An interview with the potato!

Mark Jenkinson is the Tory candidate for Workington. In the past he’s supported Labour, the Conservatives, stood for parliament with UKIP and now for the Tories.

This is the ’empty chair’ interview he wouldn’t agree to take part in.

Boris’ false dichotomy

Boris’ letter to parliament doesn’t include every possibility. We could simply withdraw article 50. But what would his vulture, currency-speculating backers make of that. If he doesn’t sink the UK economy he and his mates won’t increase their piles.

Yeah, well. They’re stinking rich already. Let them be satisfied with what they’ve got! I say withdraw and save the country. That’s my way to ‘get Brexit done’.

Over and done – consigned to the dustbin of mistakes we almost made.

What’s so complicated?

Why don’t people understand Labour’s plan re Brexit? It’s simple. It’s exactly the process mental health professionals recommend in anxiety management sessions when faced with something potentially catastrophic (like Brexit)…

  1. Identify the worst that can happen (no deal)
  2. Do what you can to mitigate the problem (negotiate a decent deal)
  3. Try to prevent catastrophe from happening at all (a new referendum ’cause that’s fair) & campaign to prevent catastrophe (remain).

That’s not complicated. It just isn’t as simple as the superficial crap coming from other parties. That’s because the Labour party is acting responsibly whilst the others are relying upon superficial soundbytes and emotive (but essentially meaningless) statements like “Brexit means Brexit” etc.

Is there anyone reading this who can honestly say that they don’t understand the Labour strategy as described above? Really? Is that too complicated for you or are you knowingly pretending it’s confusing to try and score points?

Hint: You won’t score points, you’ll just look stupid if you can’t get your head around something so simple.