Tory MP attacks the Royal college of nursing

Mark Jenkinson says it’s “Disgusting” that the RCN is politicizing the coronavirus question. What he means is that it’s embarrassing for him to have to face questions about inadequate PPE and so he’s accusing and blaming the victims.

The fact that the NHS is a nationally funded institution that was created politically and has been managed politically ever since doesn’t mean that when we complain about working conditions we’re ‘politicizing’ anything. It just means we’re talking about our terms of employment!

How dare you try to blame the victims in all this, Mark. That’s what’s truly disgusting!

22/4/2020: Update
Since I posted this one or two people have accused me of biased editing. In truth I edited only slightly for brevity but was scrupulously fair in leaving Jenky enough rope to hang himself. If you’re concerned about editing you can compare my video with the original to see how little I edited this disgraceful MP’s words. Hardly anything has been changed. Click the link and go up to around 3hrs 18minutes. You’ll see that Jenky screwed himself with his own ignorant views.

RCN statement on PPE

Responding to PHE latest “Considerations for acute personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages” guidance, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary, Dame Donna Kinnair, said:

“This guidance was developed without full and formal consultation with the Royal College of Nursing. It is unacceptable that any healthcare setting in the UK does not provide PPE as required by HSE and set out in the existing guidance. Only sound scientific evidence or safety concerns should change the guidance. We have written to the HSE in the strongest terms to voice our concerns. Nursing staff need to be afforded proper protection full stop.”

Here’s my view – not the RCN’s…

This Thursday you can clap for the NHS if you like. Or, you can write to your MP and demand they put pressure on the govt to take whatever measures are necessary to fix this needless PPE crisis. You can explain that you’ll be watching.

You can explain that their future votes depends upon this… and you can mean it!