What now?

I left the Labour party when Tony Blair took us into an illegal war without mandate from the UN. I couldn’t be party to the destruction of innocents just so that we could suck up to the Yanks.

I rejoined the party the day after Jeremy Corbyn was confirmed as leader. I watched him keep his cool and maintain his dignity as the gutter press (& others) printed lie after lie about him. And I read his manifesto with growing excitement.

Here was the opportunity to undo the cruelty of ten years of Tory rule. A proper socialist government waiting in the wings. Here was our chance to build a fairer society with a system that no longer supported the men at the top to rob those at or near the bottom blind.

That wasn’t to be and spilt milk is rarely worth the crying so I moved on. I watched sir Keir make mincemeat of Boris every Wednesday afternoon and I tried to forget what this nation could have won.

And now… Now I don’t know. Today I remain a member of the British Labour party. Many good people are not. Tomorrow I may join them.

One thought on “What now?”

  1. I understand, I feel the same, I am trying, much as I do when I’m trying to lose weight but want that sweet taste of chocolate which I know is not going to get me to my goal but will feel oh so right at the time, to resist leaving and here’s why 1) I’m not planning to leave but make them work to get shot of me if they feel I’m no longer welcome 2) they want people like me to leave because the current leadership are more concerned with bending the party towards electoral success even if that is at the cost of principles (I’ve no problem with positioning the party towards electoral success, I just don’t think we should do so by abandoning our principles) and I’m not going to make that job easier for them, 3) there is no other electorally viable political home to which I can go, 4) I want to exert whatever miniscule influence I can within the party by voting on positions within the Party – including the next leader. This excellent analysis explains my position in far more detail and far more eloquently than I ever could https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjNB7fGc1-A&lc=z22ywluhanuwwfulqacdp430runbuhiww2iusb53fs5w03c010c.1604009875010635

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