5G: Stop being so bloody stupid!

Stop being so bloody stupid!

Covid-19 is a corona virus. It’s one of several corona viruses you’ll have heard of including Sars and Mers. It’s not caused by 5G masts. There is absolutely no mechanism for 5G to create viruses and let’s face it, viruses have been around since before human beings even became a thing. In fact, viruses have been around for so long they’re incorporated in our DNA as a result of previous virus mutations deep in our evolutionary past.

This one is no different from the others. It’s an evolved virus that we’re struggling to catch up with and learn about. And we’re getting to grips with it faster than ever before. The DNA of this virus has already been sequenced (a remarkable achievement that could never have happened before this century) and trials are already underway for vaccines, a remarkable feat that is only possible because we understand the fact that this is a naturally evolved virus.

In the meantime we need to co-ordinate our response to it. 5G is a vital part of our ability to do that. Burning down 5G masts is not ‘sticking it to the man’ – it’s reckless vandalism based upon a degree of scientific illiteracy that beggars belief in a country with free state education. And it will result in more deaths.

Stop being so bloody stupid!

2 thoughts on “5G: Stop being so bloody stupid!”

  1. I think there’s great potential for a sci fi story here, Stuart. Imagine a lethal human virus that could transcribe itself into a computer virus, which could then be transmitted around the world by 5 G; and then reform itself as a biological virus from the proteins and nucleic acids on our skin as we handle our computers and mobile phones!
    You might be sitting on the next Hollywood blockbuster there, Stuart. Please remember where you got the idea from.
    Your good friend,


    1. Thanks, John. However, I don’t write fiction. Haven’t read any since my 20s either. There’s far too much real stuff to learn in a single lifetime without spending time on made up stuff.


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